Inseego Connect

Configure, manage and monitor your entire geographically distributed fixed or mobile device deployment from your seat.

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Inseego Connect


Device Data & Diagnostics

  • Inventory data (model, firmware, IMEI, MAC, PTN)

  • Network data (carrier, data usage, signal strength)

  • Hardware data (GPS, battery stats, GPIO readings)

  • Identify trends with configurable charts

  • 90 days of data storage

Device Groups

  • Logical groups for simplified device management

  • Static and dynamic group definitions

Device Configuration

  • View and edit all device settings

  • Bulk configure groups of devices with setting templates

  • Initiate firmware updates

  • Remotely reboot and factory reset devices

  • Schedule updates for planned maintenance windows

Connected Clients

  • Insight into connected devices (hostname, MAC, IP)

  • Monitor data usage to identify noisy clients


  • Overview of inventory, data usage, & active alarms

  • Map view of all devices


  • Set alarm priority and schedule when active

  • Monitor individual or groups of devices

  • Select recipients for in-app and email alerts

  • Includes geofence alerts to detect device movement


  • Run reports d-hoc or set repeating run schedule

  • Select recipients for emailed reports

User Management

  • Easily add and delete users

  • Configurable role-based user permissions

  • Control user/device visibility with a graphical hierarchy

  • Track user activity with audit logs

*Feature currently unavailable but will be included in a future Advanced Tier release

Inseego Connect


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*Feature currently unavailable but will be included in a future Advanced Tier release

Inseego Customer Support (Toll Free) 877-698-6481