Partner Programs

T-Mobile Sell With

Collaborate with the T-Mobile for Business' nationwide sales force in a B2B selling effort to fulfill hardware sourcing requests and receive a one-time activation commission.

  • Bi-directional lead exchange

  • Opportunity to make margin selling cellular-enabled devices

  • Wholesale hardware sourcing advantages via Converge IoT



Earn a one-time activation bonus as well as residual commissions by signing up customers for T-Mobile for Business mobile internet plans or traditional voice/text/data plans. 

  • Great for businesses with loyal customer bases looking to add LTE wireless services

  • Immediate ability to activate data plans without having to collect/bill

Solution Providers

Bill wireless services and solutions as

a private-label brand by assuming ownership of hardware fulfillment, activation & plan/line management, and the collection of fees & taxes.

  • Ideal for resellers & integrators already billing customers for monthly recurring services

  • Flexible margins by reselling pre-set T-Mobile plans at custom rates

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