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Converge IoT Solution Catalog

Collaboration is Key

Converge IoT was founded with the direct purpose of serving as an exclusive T-Mobile partner. We aren’t just another hardware distributor or solution provider hoping to expand our market share – this collaboration with T-Mobile is a cornerstone of Converge IoT’s existence.


As a Master Partner our role is not only to provide our own solutions & services, more so it is our job to bring best-in- class partners and to showcase their solutions.  The more partners & relevant solutions we can bring into the Sell-With ecosystem the more opportunities we help create for T-Mobile for Business Sales teams like all of you.  

This Solution Catalog is meant to serve as a reference to remind you of the partners and offers featured by Converge IoT and our partner network.  It contains a wealth of technology solutions that have and will continue to enhance T-Mobile’s ability to serve its clientele. The offers within are designed to be both easily repeatable and reliably supported, a key to ensuring success. Each partner provides you with the tools you can take back and use in your prospecting efforts to confidently suggest solutions to both new & existing clients.

I would like to personally thank each and every partner for their time and effort to make this year a huge success for everyone!

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Mark Savage

President, Converge IoT

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