​Converge IoT was build out of a passion to support a nationwide network of T-Mobile for Business Sales Professionals, as well as Integrators, Dealers, Resellers, Agents and direct customers.  We want to be your trusted partner for all your hardware and connectivity needs.

Easy To Work With

Our goal is to make your experience with Converge IoT one that you will want to repeat!  You can count on us to Respond Quickly, Communicate Clearly, & Deliver On Time.

Access to New & Certified A-Stock Equipment

Why is this important? The Internet of Things is transforming how we do business today, and it will dramatically transform how we do business in the future.  One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is how to benefit from IoT solutions, while budgeting for, and absorbing the cost of equipment. 


One way we help solve for the equipment cost is by providing Certified A-Stock equipment (warranty included). One misconception is that Certified A-Stock means refurbished. In fact many times we can source 30 day customer returns or slightly used devices in great condition & save you a great deal vs brand new.


Another is by helping to narrow down the options for New Equipment. Our relationship with industry leading OEMs, and our experience helping other customers solve for similar solutions, can dramatically shorten the time & budget needed to get your IoT Solution deployed.  

Best Available Rate Plans

Our team has experience helping customers select the right wireless rate plan across the major carrier networks.  We believe that T-Mobile has positioned itself to provide the best rate plans in the industry backed by a Network that continues to win awards for customer satisfaction & data speeds.  We also offer secondary carrier options if your solution requires a dual-carrier solution.